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Car rental Medellín

Car rental Medellín
Executive rent a car car rental in Medellin and rionegro invites you to tour the department of Antioquia in this opportunity we recommend a very nice destination. Doradal Antioquia this district is located in the middle Magdalena, and in which you will find various tourist sites.
How to get to doradal Antioquia?
To get to the corregimiento of doradal Antioquia and be able to explore and move more comfortably and smoothly, you will find that with the car rental Medellín executive renta car your trip will be more pleasant and short, since this district is 174 kilometers from Medellín to about 4 hours the route you should take is the Medellín Bogotá highway. One of the main tourist sites offered by doradal is the hacienda Napoles.
This park has different attractions in which you can have fun, from the tour of the zoo in which you can find different types of animals that live in their different ecosystems, you can find an aquarium a butterfly the world of reptiles you can also enjoy the Hippos and elephants. If you want to cool off with a sunbath the park offers different water attractions such as the Victorian waterfalls and cobras, the wild river, aquariums and octups.
With the help of executive rent a car Medellin, drive one of the cars for rent Medellin and enjoy touring the department of Antioquia.